image00059Many people are beginning to explore ‘non-traditional’ forms of medicine. This is also true in veterinary medicine. Here at midlothian animal clinic, we are excited to be able to offer both holistic and traditional medicine to help our patients heal!

Acupuncture has produced outstanding results when utilized to treat chronic pain, osteoarthritis, vomiting, pain caused by cancer, endocrine disorders and many additional ailments. As Acupuncture is unknown to many pet owners, please discuss your pet’s case with your veterinarian to ascertain whether or not Acupuncture may be helpful. Including Acupuncture to your pet’s wellness plan can help to keep your pet as active and healthy as possible.

Some owners worry that their pets won’t tolerate Acupuncture, but we have found the opposite to be true. Many of our patients adapt quickly and even learn to enjoy it.