At certain stages of a pet’s life medical screening tests may uncover disease which is not producing symptoms yet and can not be detected through examination. Early detection gives us the best opportunity to eliminate or alleviate the condition ensuring a long and healthy life for your pet.

With preventative care, we are able to establish a reference point of what is normal for your pet. Blood, urine and fecal testing allow the doctor to look inside your pet to see things that are not apparent from the outside.

Wellness services keep your pet in top shape. These twice-yearly visits include a complete physical examination and time to discuss any issues such as feeding, preventative care products, weight control, training concerns and more.  These “well-visits” are used as comparison when and if your pet becomes ill.

Our pets age much faster than we do. Early detection of diseases makes for better treatment options.  An ounce of prevention  is better than a pound of cure!